NendoGuide app versions

This page will soon contain the change logs of all NendoGuide versions published.

Until then, you can view the change log for the most current version which you can download for free on the download page.

Version 2.12.0:

New functions:

  • You can now store the number of each item, how many you own of it.
  • The “Owned” view now shows you how many you own of a figure/accessory.
  • You can now submit suggestions for changes to entries. Use the pencil icon in an entry.
  • Long tap on a Nendoroid image in the detail view of a Nendoroid to set its image as your personal avatar.


  • Instead of opening a Nendoroid image by tapping it, you can also swipe left to jump directly to the 2nd image.
  • The dialog when opening the partner stores has been adjusted.

Problem fixes:

  • Fixed some display bugs and the app should run even more stable.