Nendoroid More More: Black Panther Extension Set

New optional parts for Black Panther from “Avengers: Infinity War” A new optional parts set for Black Panther from “Avengers: Infinity War”. A Wakanda-themed base and a horde of the innumerable Outriders, which take up about half of the base, are included along with 2 individual Outrider miniature figures. A miniature version of the Border Tribe with their shields active is also included. A flying miniature of War Machine Mark IV is included to recreate the final battle! Head parts to show T’Challa with his mask off are included, along with a serious face plate and a shouting face plate. Be sure to purchase this set to display with your Nendoroid Black Panther: Infinity Edition! *Everything included in the Nendoroid More: Black Panther Extension Set is included with Nendoroid Black Panther: Infinity Edition DX Ver. MARVEL, マーベル, 漫威

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