Nendoroid More More Decorative Base Cover (Clouds/Soil/Grass)

Decorative Nendoroid base covers come to the Nendoroid More series! These decorative covers can be placed over your own Nendoroid bases. Display them with your Nendoroids to bring them into a whole new world! *This is a cover for 6cm x 6cm Nendoroid bases. *May not be compatible with certain Nendoroid bases depending on their design. *Paint may transfer from the cover to the stand base if it is used in a hot and humid environment, used for an extended period of time or if the cover rubs against the stand base. ■Nendoroid More Decorative Base Cover (Clouds) ■Nendoroid More Decorative Base Cover (Soil) ■Nendoroid More Decorative Base Cover (Grass) This product will be on sale in advance at WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU! 38 It is scheduled to be sold at other future Good Smile Company events as well. ▼WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 38 Special Site

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