Goods, Nendoroid Plus Plus IDOLiSH7 Mug-shaped Glass (Iori Izumi / Yamato Nikaido / Mitsuki Izumi / Yamaki Yotsuba / Sogo Osaka / Nagi Rokuya / Riku Nanase)

Cute IDOLiSH7 mug-shaped glasses! From ‘IDOLiSH7’ comes a selection of glass mugs featuring the cute Nendoroid illustrations of your favorite characters from the series! The mugs make use of frosted glass for a stylish and cute appearance! The line-up includes Iori Izumi, Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Izumi, Yamaki Yotsuba, Sogo Osaka, Nagi Rokuya andRiku Nanase! They are a nice large size to hold a huge amount of your favorite drink! *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product differs. *Not suitable for use in microwaves or dishwashers. *Not suitable for hot drinks as glass is weak to sudden temperature changes. Gift Official Site

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